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Inspection & Testing

All electrical installations deteriorate with age and use. They should therefore be inspected and tested at regular intervals to check whether they are in a satisfactory condition for continued use. Such safety checks are commonly referred to as 'periodic inspection and testing'.


PAT Testing

Ezetool Group use the most up-to date testing equipment and software. We can test your equipment during usual business hours, but we also work evenings/ nights and weekends to minimise the disruption to your business All our Testing is fully insured and guaranteed All Testing includes a certificate, an itemised list of items tested and a full Risk assessment of your workspace. All work is invoiced with a 30 day payment window


Landlord Electrical Safety

From 1st June 2020, private landlords in England must have the electrical installation in their rental properties checked by a qualified electrician to ensure that they are safe.

About US

Ezetool electrical was founded in 2010 and concentrated

predominately in the Commercial sector.

Having initially started out as fully qualified

electrical installers in the commercial sector,

we soon moved into the commercial maintenance

sector and are proud to be fully qualified in commercial

electrical Testing & inspection.


Our next move was into Facilities management.

Some of our clients wanted us to take on more

areas of their business as part of our service to

them. We took the step into facilities management

to try to serve our customers needs, ultimately leading

to membership of the British institute of

facilities management.

To further reassure our clients that we are

competent and respected in what we provide,

we are also members of the Federation of Small

Businesses and the

North East Chamber of commerce.

To date, our customer base includes hotels,

Universities and colleges, care homes, dental

and doctors surgeries, business centres

and local restaurant chains.

Types of Businesses we work with


We currently have customers in most of the business

Centre’s across Sunderland and the surrounding areas.

  All business Centre’s require tenants to have

their equipment PAT tested and insurance companies

will not honor policies if equipment has not

been regularly tested

Factories/ commercial/ light industrial

We have customers based in small light commercial units and industrial

estates where we test anything with a plug including tools,

commercial equipment and risk assess for potential hazards

Hotels and B&Bs 

We are proud to say we work with some local

and national hotels chains across the area.

Every item in guest rooms, communal areas, staff

areas and any other part of the hotel or

B&B with plugs must be tested for electrical safety.

As these establishments have a high turnover of

guests, it is vital that regular tests are undertaken to

avoid serious injury or even fatalities.


Shops also have a high footfall and there is as great a

need for periodic and PAT testing as there is for any

other business where customers come onto the premises.

The legislation is the same for both large and small local shops


The legislation has recently changed regarding landlords

rented property.  It is now the landlord’s responsibility to

have the property tested (EICR) either annually or after

every tenant leaves. Tenants could have made poor

attempts to adapt wiring or circuits without

consulting a qualified electrician, so testing

will identify this and the need to make safe or#

rectify.  This also applies to PAT testing any

appliance with a plug that is part of the tenancy agreement


Garages are classed as special locations due to the

presence of flammable liquids such as oils/ fuel and

gases.  It is vital that all electrical circuits are tested

thoroughly five yearly and that all powered tools

and equipment with a plug are also PAT tested to

avoid arcing/ sparks that could cause fires or

electrical shock.

Oue clients say


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Pricing Pat Testing

Below is for pat testing only

Up to 20 items


  • Itemised Certificate
  • Risk Assessment
  • Insurance Guaranteed

upto 50 items


  • Itemised Certificate
  • Risk Assessment
  • Insurance Guaranteed

50 plus items


  • Itemised Certificate
  • Risk Assessment
  • Insurance Guaranteed

Pricing EICR Landlords Certificate

Below is for EICR Landlords Certificate

2 bedroom property


  • EICR
  • Schedule of test results
  • Itemised list of improvements
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety Certificate

3 bedroom property


  • EICR
  • Schedule of test results
  • Itemised list of improvements
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety Certificate

4 plus bedroom property


  • EICR
  • Shops, B&Bs, Hotels and other commercial property. POA
  • Schedule of test results
  • Itemised list of improvements
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety Certificate


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